Friday, September 20, 2013

Last but not Least

Made it to the Coast at Astoria, Oregon.
My cycling statistics to date:
99 days of cycling
13 states
145 miles in one day!
1 flat tire
15+ peeing in my pants
Billions of hills
More food than any one person should consume in a lifetime.
Aside from cycling, I practically napped and laughed myself across the country. The most notable aspect of this experience has been the endless generosity and support we have received along the way. The distance that complete strangers went for us is unbelievable. Anything from a meal, a place to stay, a much needed shower, laundry, a drink, excitement and interest in our journey, a ride in dire conditions or even just a friendly wave and a smile. Everyday brings new reminders of how caring people truly are and how much there is to be thankful for.

Now, I have finally reached the Pacific Coast at Astoria, Oregon only to realize that I am not ready to stop the adventure. With a farewell to the TransAmerica Trail, I join the hundreds of cyclists that travel down the Pacific Coast. Who knows how far I will go? Or where I will finally settle down? TBD

I must thank each and every one of you for all the support and love you have given me. A special thank you for my Grandmother Peggy who passed away while I was on the road. I carry her caring nature and love with me on this adventure.

AND the moment you have all been waiting for...

I have a blog! and I will do my best to update and post. I have even started taking pictures = CRAZY. Right now, it is sparse, but I will be working on it soon.
Here is the website:
(A little background on the blog name: whenever Jeanne and I were having a tough time at any point on a ride, we would sing "Just Keep Biking" to Dori from Finding Nemo's "Just Keep Swimming" song. It always gave us a boost to keep trucking through rough miles. And, my nickname on the trail was Lizbiz)

With Love,

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Portland, Seattle, and Annie's farewell

After cycling 3 days on the coast, Maarten and I reunited with the crew in Portland! Not only did we meet up with Sara, Pedro, Liz, and Garry, but Evan made a trek down to see us and Josh happened to be there as well! We went out for drinks and celebrated our success. Portland was such a fun town to stay in. Extremely bike-friendly, great restaurants, beautiful scenery. Thank you Johannes, Jordan, Kim, and Judith for letting us crash at your place!

Maarten and I both had flights on the same day out of Seattle so it was time to say goodbye to Pedro, Sara, Liz, and Garry.



Thank you, Recycled Cycles for the free bike boxes.

And some final pictures from Oregon and Washington:

Farewell, Jeanné and Kevin!!

Some of Annie's favorite quotes that none of you will understand except for the people we cycled with:

"We have a big climb tomorrow"
"It could be better"
"I'm from Georgia and I just rode my bike across the country... SEXY!"
"I can't even tell if you're male or female"
"You're telling me you woke up at 4 am and then took a NAP? AND I STILL BEAT YOU!"
"the oooollll' LizBiz"
"Well, yeah! Okay! WILD! WILD! You girls are WILD! I can tell Bob to move over. WILD!"
"I was wanted in 48 states. The turkey vultures are lining up for battle."
"That was a surprisingly big day. Big day."
"God is doin' a new thing. You know he's doin' it. HIT ME!"
"I'm half asleep!"
"They don't even know how to ride a bike"
"I'm an Irishman in America... Can I come up there?"
"Annie, you're really good at floating. I can't float. I don't have enough body fat."
"Bockton? Marta? Michael? Matt?"
"Hahaha! Liz just went!"

And now it's time to say farewell (for Annie at least. Liz is still cruisin!)

Annie reached the coast!

The Oregon coast was incredible. Maarten and I reached the Pacific Ocean at Jetty Beach in Florence. We made it there just in time for sunset..... but it was completely overcast. Still beautiful. It felt so satisfying to reach the ocean and listen to the waves. I hope to return to Farmington, MO where I started this journey and complete the Trans America in the opposite direction. Here are a few pictures from the coast!

Some personal reflections:
Cycling really is the best way to see the country.
The US sucks at recycling.
I will never look at the yellow downhill truck sign in the same way.
Pocahontas will forever be an inspiration to me.
I singlehandedly kept a sunblock company in business.
You don't really need fenders.
I met some of my favorite people while hitchhiking.
I want to do another bike tour.
Mom and Dad, thank you.

Sunday, September 1, 2013