Thursday, May 30, 2013

Got a new sleeping bag.

My new sleeping bag came in...its super cozy :) Here's a short & silly video of me testing it out.

Also, to give you all a little more depth to how I'm feeling...I'm rather overwhelmed but still excited. Here's why...
-We're leaving in less than a week, Wed June 5.
-My lease ends June 1, but I need to have all my stuff moved out of my room before Friday afternoon because we're going out of town this whole weekend for a wedding.
-Do more packing, prepping, and budgeting for the bike trip.
-Figure out where I'm living when I return.
-The trip is going to be a ridiculously awesome adventure :)

Okay, I've got to get ready for work. Bye for now.

Friday, May 17, 2013

May is National Bike Month

Northend Greenway, Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition and the City of Harrisonburg are teaming up to bring you bike events for all ages and skill levels this May!
Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition and Harrisonburg Northend Greenway bringing us a full bike month of community events, rides, art and games to continue to grow our local community through cycling with events such as Bike To Work Day,

Bike to Work Day

Friday, May 17, 2013

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nominated for The Ellen Show

My friend, Morgan, nominated my story to The Ellen DeGeneres Show as an inspirational story. Whoa! Super cool. :)

Golly, I feel just as excited as Fred Flintstone feels after he gets off work. That'd be so awesome for my story to inspire others. I already feel like my personal journey has become so much more than "my" journey. I feel like it's everyone's journey now.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Picasso Deal

You ever hear about those people who make millions off of some bizarre looking painting they got at a yard sale for something like $2? Yea, well, that's what just happened to us.

We just purchased our "$2 bike Picasso" at a local restore.

Here's the scoop: 
My girl, Lo, volunteers at a local restore place, and someone dropped off a bike trailer that they originally planned on chucking. Say what?!? Lo, knowing about our x-c adventure saw it and gave us a buzz. Yahoooooo, thanks Lo!
insider information: Lo was present at my accident...or, more importantly, Lo is one of my best friends

The Picasso Deal:
We got a BOB Ibex Plus Suspension Trailer (retail value = $439.00) with Drysak (retail value - $69.00) and other goodies such as the extra quick release (retail value = $27.50) for $120.00.

Our Price: $120.00
Retail Value: $535.50
Total Savings: UNREAL - $415.50

Friday, May 10, 2013

TWT: Nicole's Personal Packing List

Nicole from Two Wheel Travelers (TWT) sent me her personal packing list. She's been on three cross-country bike trips!!! Anything you all think it needs/doesn't need? Looking at it, I won't be bringing as much stuff (especially because I'll be with a group and I'm trying to pack as simple as possible). As I acquire stuff, I'll highlight what I've used as well, cross off things I don't find necessary, and add things I wanted/needed. It's hard imagining what I will need on the road. I want to pack very simply, but I'm sure it's inevitable that I will over pack. Also, Liz found a neat article on packing for an ultralight bicycle tour .

TWTs Packing Checklist
Bath Kit: toothbrush (kid size), toothpaste, floss, Dr. Bronners soap, lotion, comb, shampoo/conditioner, small nail brush, small pack towel, few ear swabs, disposable razor, few toothpicks, tiny loofah body/face, maybe 8 tampons, hair ties, meds/vitamins...all toiletries are travel-size
Camp Gear: sleeping bag (Western Mtneering), sleeping pad (thermarest Neo-Air), tent (MSR Hubba 1 0r 2), fly, poles, sleep sheet (Cocoon), footprint (or space blanket as ground sheet), stakes, Thermarest lightweight chair (fits on pad..converts), 2 pillow liners (fill one with down jacket, one with some clothes)
Bicycle: helmet, computer, 2 H20 bottles, bike gloves, mirror, leg strap velcro (use to hold front tire to frame so wheel doesn't move when stopped), few tiny bungies, tiny lights, charger (Blackburn Flea series...for fog mostly), lock, pump (love Topeak Road Morph)
Clothes-to-Wear: bike shorts, tank top, sports bra, socks, long-sleeve thin shirt, trail runners
Weather Gear: rainjacket, rainpants (maybe in summer), overmitts & booties (not in summer), wind jacket, wind vest, sunshirt, earband, skull cap, warm long socks, down jacket, thing gloves & medium gloves, tights.
Off-the-Bike Clothes: (one of each only) tank, tshirt, sports bra, socks, long-sleeve thin shirt, long-sleeze zip pullover, fuzzy button down, shorts, pants, dress Chaco sandals, swim shorts, silk tights
Misc: umbrella (sun), book, games (like 6 dice & tiny copies of Yatzhee scoring), Thermarest butt seat, sunscreen, lip balm, TP/wipes, hat/cap, candy, ginger snap chews, Powerbars, usnglasses/lens (clear & yellow), headlamp, earplugs, phone, charger, quarters (in a film canister), thin clothesline w/tiny pins (Hobby Lobby), bandana, wallet, calling card, national park pass, ID, $$, stamps, hankie, paper, pen, reading glasses
Repair Kit: (just a few & bits of these...very tiny) gear patches, sil-nylon, clear patches, duct/elec tape, folding scissors, sewing kit, 2032 battery, zip ties, tent pole splint, nail (for bursting stove fuel canister), aerobar kit repair, alcohol wipes, seam seal/brush, shoelace repai, crazy glue (an example of how tiny...just one single-use, maybe the size of your thumbnail), insect repellent wipes
Kitchen: spork, spatula/knife, pocket knife (love tiny spydeco), lighter, can opener, snack cut board (cur from larger one), s&p packets, ti mug, tupperware (flat-out) bowl, Blacklite pot/lid & skillet w/pot lifter, Dr. Bronners, sponge (cut small piece), pot scrapper, pocket rockety type stove, fuel canister
Tool Kit: pedal/headset wrench, fixAspoke+tool, spare spokes, multi-tool, adj wrenches nuts/bolts, chain tool, missing link, extras links, grease/lube/Allens, der/brake cable, tire levers, valve adaptor, piece of sandpaper, patch kit, tire boots, gloves, 2 tubes, rag, baby powder (in a film canister), nuts/bolts/parts, freewheel took, Brooks saddle tool (& leather cream)
First Aid: clear/athletic tape, pet wrap, guaze roll, 4x4, 3x2, 2x2s, aspirin, absorbent pad, Neosporin, Bandaids, moleskin, eyedrops, IBs, provo-iodine packets, blisterpad, mouth guard, acetominophen, throat suckers, gloves, imodium, insect cream, muscle cream, ambesol, adaptic guaze, thumb condoms, hydrocortisone, steritop, throat & cold tea, stingeze, nexcare clear tape


We're takin' off June 5th, 2013

Start: Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O) Canal in Georgetown, D.C. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Local News Coverage!

Check this out, the local news, WSHV, did a story on us. Thanks Jazmin and Peter! You both make a great team.

 Harrisonburg Woman Prepares For Bike Ride Of A Lifetime